Bite from a goose & how herbal Arnica & St- john's painbalm did the job

I have a goose that has 5 young goslings. So if I come  for feeding or changing water,  I might expect a crazy goose dad charging at me. Mostly I catch him by the nose but sometimes he is faster. A few times these green, brown, khaki bruises have been on my legs or arm or sometimes my back (goose have no honor and def. attack you from the back). I mostly use my handmade herbal Arnica and St -Johns pain balm, but for the how- good- does- it- work-test I didn't do it when i got bitten on the leg. I did take pictures from the time I got bitten on my arm and I applied the herbal balm immediately after. day 1 after bite goose With Herbal painbalm, Notice No Bruising

Day 1 After Bite Goose With Herbal Painbalm, Notice No bruisin

Day 4 After Bite from a goose WITH Herbal balm applied

Day 4 After Bite from a goose WITHOUT Herbal balm applied.

Goose with dead wish

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