Hair Gel & natural color l Aloe vera & lime | Henna

Hair Gel & natural color l Aloe vera & lime | Henna

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All-Natural Hair gel


Natural Hair color boost


Aloe Vera gel with Herbal & floral water (lime, Rose, Nettle etc. )

  • Natural hair gel

  • Hair gel Blond | hair lightening (lime, lemon & Chamomile)

  • Hair gel + color Brunettes with Henna  - Deep reddish-brown hair with Henna pigment.

  • Hair gel + color   With forest berries - for dark blonds to dark brown hair. Light silver shine and gives a blue hue to light blond hair.

  • Hair gel + color black hair with Henna & Indigo natural color.


Aloe vera gel, xanthan, Herbal aqua, glycerin, Henna powder*,  rose scent*
Many scents available


Apply on dry hair and style.
Henna (meaning: red) is a natural hair dye, made from the lawsonia inermis shrub, that’s been used for centuries for body art, staining material...and hair dye. 
A light stain may be achieved within minutes, but the longer the paste is left on the skin, the darker and longer lasting the stain will be, so it needs to be left on as long as possible.
Because henna gradually fades out (after 2-4 months) you don’t end up with the classic “helmet” of regrowth at the roots.
300 gr. glass jars containers /zero waste