Tea blends | Many kinds 100% natural Herbal remedies
Tea blends | Many kinds 100% natural Herbal remedies

Tea blends | Many kinds 100% natural Herbal remedies

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Natural Herbal Health Tea's  available

100% natural, Herbal wellness tea's blends available
Herbal Tea's promote:
  • Sleep & anxiety Tea blend with Valerian, passion flower, lemonbalm and chamomile flower. Promotes sleep.
  • Digestion aid tea blend with angelica, fennel seed, peppermint etc
  • Healthy kidneys & bladder Tea with cough grass, Solidago etc
  • Acute bladder infection tea with bear berry & cranberry
  • weight loss Tea to promote Fast metabolism with Artemisia and lemongrass.
  • anti-flu and colds tea with anti-viral elder flower, lime flower, yarrow flower, plantain and peppermint
  • Blood cleansing/ detox Tea blend with liver detox herbs
  • Allergy aid Tea blends with plantain, black current leaf & rooibos 
  • Children soothing tea blend with pure Chamomile and vitamin C-. boost tea
  • Pain relief blend for headaches and pains. Natural pain-killer for those allergic to aspirin with meadow sweet and willow bark
  • Anti-cramp tea: aids crams and pain from bowels & stomach. Perfect for children with fennel seed and chamomile
  • The diabetic aid tea blend for diabetics type 2
  • Asthma relief blend with Hyssop, mullein etc
  • Wise woman tea / Menopause blend| Not to be taken when u had a history of female cancers with hop, clover, Artemisia etc.
  • Mullein tea for breathing conditions such as cough, asthma, pneumonia, colds, sore throat, sinusitis,  congestion, bronchitis and pain.

Bags 70 gr.

Medicinal tea's available custom-made orders.
Need something specific, Email me.