Sea soap Seaweed & Epsom Salt

Sea soap Seaweed & Epsom Salt

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All-Natural moisturising Sea mineral

Soap bar with seaweed & Epsom salt


Natural soaps that are good for your skin & for Nature

Moisturising soap with no toxic Chemicals and nice foam. 

Perfect solid soap for firm, all-natural skin

Enjoy this natural mineral rich sea soap.

Scented with sea breeze cosmetic fragrance oil

All-natural ingredients.

Made with Nature's oils extra virgin Olive oil, sunfloweroil, Canola oil, Cacao butter, Seaweed Bladderwrack, Epsom salt, Lye, water, Cosmetic fragrance oil sea breeze, rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary)

      bar of soap approx. 110 gr.
    Zero Waste| No Nasties | No cruelty | 100% nature