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Eczema soothing cream lavender & chamomile

CHF 11

Eczema Soothing cream

All-Natural | Organic

Made with:

Evening primrose oil, a wild yellow flower, shows miracles in treating several skin disorders like eczema, acne, etc. It has a wide range of healing powers.
Jojoba oil is non-allergic, perfect healing oil for sensitive and Painful skin
.It's just like Skin - Sebum (natural oil the skin produces).
Wheatgerm oil is full of vitamins A + B and is a perfect skin-healing oil for dry/painful & itchy skin

Pure essential healing oil that soothes skin problems are used.
Lavender is soothing and anti-bacterial wound healing
Chamomile, Roman acts as a natural, strong anti-inflammatory
Aloe vera gel & oats is a great pain soother and moisturizes skin naturally
60 ml or 120 ml glass containers | Zero waste

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