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Scrub butter & Exfoliant - Sugar & Epsom salt Body polish

CHF 11

Sugar & Epsom salt Body polish

Scrub butter

Reveal glowing skin with Wolf Gardens Shea Sugar & Epsom salt Body Scrub in the creamy, classic scent of Vanilla, Litsea & bergamot or Rose or many other scents available (or sent me a chat to request you favourite scent)

This body exfoliator delivers brighter, more even-toned skin.
Enjoy soft skin & delight your senses
Made with Sugar, Shea Butter, brown cane sugar, Epsom salt and natural essential oils, and an array of natural oils like Sweet Almond, Coconut oil and avocado Oil.


Scrubs are ideal for exfoliating & deep cleaning of the skin one time a week.

clears pimples, dead skin & blackheads

This natural scrub will leave your skin healthy, smooth and silky.


120 ml jars

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