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Kids Spray Back to school - preventing illness


Kids Spray Back to school

To ward off illness & for Immune Boost

All-natural & organic


Made with Eucalyptus radiata, commonly known as, narrow-leaved peppermint and Forth River peppermint, this type of Eucalyptus has a gentler aroma than the other types, making it ideal for those more who have a more sensitive sense of smell.
Diffuse Eucalyptus Radiata to promote a stimulating and rejuvenating environment. Due to its gentle aroma, Eucalyptus radiata is the preferred choice for children.

A 2010 Alternative Medicine Review study found that eucalyptol, one of the key compounds in eucalyptus oil, has an antimicrobial effect to ward off illness.

Use: Mist around the upper body or apply exposed skin as needed.

Alcohol, Aqua, orange blossom water, Pure Essential oil: Lavendula angustifolia, Eucalyptus radiata, pinus sylvestris, thymus vulgare
100 ml glass spray bottle
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