Why choose All-Natural

Your skin is the largest organ on your body so whatever you’ put on it, it’s getting absorbed like a sponge.

Since the vast majority of personal care products contain harsh chemicals like aluminum, phthalates, parabens, sulfates, and dyes, absorbing these chemicals could potentially do some damage to your health.

Going natural gives you the peace of mind knowing what you put on your body is safe and free from the nasty stuff.

It’s a feel-good transition knowing you’re making smart choices to support an even more awesome, healthier you. In addition, by choosing sustainable products, you’re doing your part to make the world a better place.

Natural Herbal First aid Kit

Mulled Wine spices

Made with cinnamon (anti-viral), orange (immune booster) and Clove (anti Bacterial) to aid colds, flu's and start the new year with Good health. Alternative: White wine spices with vanilla (Apple Pie Tea)

All-Natural Skin Nourishing SOAPS & SHAMPOO BARS

Best 100% natural Organic deodorant


Love these products, I’ve got very dry skin and there 💯 % natural, which means I can use them.
She’s a lovely lady, who has no problem explaining everything to you. Would highly recommend.

Lorraine O' Loughran

Best 100% natural cosmetics I have ever used. My skin is finally feeling good. It's not only eco and healthy but it also looks and smell beautifully too.

Kasia Yeates

Hi Vicky, thanks so much for the products!! I received them yesterday and used them last night/this morning... LOVE! Everything feels wonderful on my skin, and I love the scents! . Thanks again and be in touch!.

Rachel Walton

Bought the Acne Toner at the Cottage Market Ballyconnell and its really helped my skin calm down and look less angry

Paula Garson O'Reilly

I received the lip balm.. It is gorgeously natural. Thank you 

Jennifer Richardson

This is the best moisturizing sanitiser I have come across.. Nourishing unlike other gels. You can order it online too.


Dear Vicky, What can I say.. This mullein tea has transformed my sinusitis after two days.. No sneezing or constant streaming from my nose or coughing up secretions from my chest within two days, haven't used a tissue today, no need for sinutab.. I am so delighted to find a natural product with such results. Can't recommend this enough. Thank you for what you do. Best wishes

Jennifer Richardson

Thanks vicky, for the hand sanitiser the kids were delighted with them, they got really excited smelling them lol

Aishling Bali

Hi Vicky, I got some sleep tea from you previously and I just wanted to say thank you, it’s working a treat and I will definitely be ordering again.

Andrea Mulhern

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