Deodorant Gel with mineral Alum
Deodorant Gel with mineral Alum
Deodorant Gel with mineral Alum

Deodorant Gel with mineral Alum

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100% natural Organic deodorant gel

Natural Lymphatic drainage & care Ingredients

    Made with Alum, a natural anti bacterial mineral, that aid with nasty smells
    Natural essential oils that help with odour like thyme and lemon
    Herbal aqua with sage, thyme, Chamomile, lime
    Natural mineral mica for color.

    For men and women.

    Natural care for your Lymph nodes (or lymph glands), small lumps of tissue that contain white blood cells, which fight infection. They are part of the body’s immune system and filter lymph fluid, which is composed of fluid and waste products from body tissues. They help fight infections, and also play an important role in cancer diagnosis, treatment and the chance of recovery or recurrence. Cypress and lime Essential Oil is used to boost your immune system and flush out all the toxins and waste at the same time. Cypress oil improves and enhances your blood flow and reduces the chances of swollen lymph nodes.

    All-Natural Ingredients

    Aqua, Algea extract (Seaweed), Calendula off., Equisetum arvense extract,
    Xanthan gum, Alum, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract,
    mineral mica, Essential oil: Cupressus Sempervirens, Citrus limon
    Lavendula angustifolia, Canaga Odorata,
    Citrus aurantium L. subsp. amara

    Alum is used in our deodorants for its antibacterial properties, which helps to inhibit the growth of bacteria on the skin. It is the bacteria which causes the bad smell.
    Alum has a long history of safe use as a deodorant ingredient and is a Healthy alternative to many modern deodorants.
    Alum minerals are non-toxic and have molecules too large to pass through the skin – nothing is absorbed into the body that could cause disease or an allergic reaction and they do not leave behind any noticeable residue on skin or clothing.
    Many scents available like orange blossom, lavender, peppermint,  lemon & tea tree, Ylang -Ylang. All other scent available by orders orb contact me for cunstom made orders
     glass Containers |   Zero Waste
    refill 250 ml HDPE (3x refill)