anti stretch marks & scar diminishing roll-on serum

Anti stretch marks & Scar diminishing roll-on serum

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Anti-Stretch mark

& Scar diminishing oil

in easy Roll-On bottle

Minimize the appearance of scars,

marks left by acne, pimples, stretch-marks etc.

All-Natural| Organic ingredients

Like healing Wheatgerm oil, Vit E oil,

Calendula & avocado oil etc.

wheat germ oil is an excellent choice for stretch marks prevention. It possesses strong emollient qualities keeping moisture inside skin.

External use: This oil should be applied twice a day  & after a shower.
Rub the oil onto the areas which are at the risk of stretching
(belly, hips, breasts and buttocks).
Wheat germ oil, Vit E. oil, Rosehip oil, Avocado oil,Calendula oil
Argan oil, Apricot kernel oil, Sesame oil, Jojoba oil, Sea buckthorn oil (vit. C),
carrot seed oil (vit. A), Pure essential oils Bergamot,  mandarin, palmarosa, Lavender,  Geranium, Sandalwood, Niaouli & patchouli
10ml roll-on bottle