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Herbal Hair Vinegar Rinse | PH balance for healthy, shiny hair


       Herbal Hair Vinegar Rinse

      Balanced, healthy & shiny hair

      • Vinegar rinses are perfect for ALL hair types & is a critical part of your shampoo bar regimen.
      • For fine hair, a vinegar rinse is magic and great for adding body/ volume to the hair
      • If you have color-treated hair, vinegar can prevent it from fading. "The vinegar seals the cuticle of the hair and doesn't allow the color to run out.
      • A vinegar rinse automatically adds more shine to your hair. The acid in a vinegar rinse dissolves build-up on your hair.
      • Herbal Vinegar rinse will help balance out the pH levels in hair. By using a product like a vinegar rinse, you can bring the pH down to its 5.5 to 6.5, which leaves the hair in a healthier state, so the cuticle lining looks shinier and feels healthier
      • The Herbal vinegar rinse will also help ward off negative environmental issues that can affect the pH of your hair, too. Using the vinegar rinse regularly can help clean the scalp and seal the hair’s cuticles to play more offense than defence with the weather. 
      • Because Herbal vinegar is re-sealing the hair cuticle, it makes hair more smooth, which in turn makes it more manageable and easier to comb through and style. Good news for those of us who are knotty!
      • A herbal vinegar rinse can also work miracles for dandruff. especially Wolf Gardens peppermint blend is great for itchy & flaky scalp. The herbal vinegar rinse will purify the scalp and help bring the pH level to its normal state, which will help with flaking.  
      • A vinegar rinse is also a great remedy when your hair is just feeling blah and nothing is really working.

      Use:Add 5 - 10 Tbsp (15 to 30 ml) Herbal Vinegar into a cup of water (200 ml).
      Massage the vinegar rinse well into the scalp.
       Let it work a few minutes before rinse it off.
      Use once or twice weekly,or as needed.

      Many scents & herbal blends available:

      • Herbal Hair vinegar for blond hair: Ideal for Sensitive scalp. Made with Lime flower, chamomile flower, Calendula flower, horsetail & lemon juice, white wine vinegar for natural bleaching effect. Soft hair &  perfect for children.
      • Herbal Hair vinegar for Brunettes & dark hair: with Hop, lavender flower, red rose petals, Sage leaf, horsetail, nettle leaf, Red wine, red wine vinegar & cider vinegar.
      • Herbal Hair vinegar for Red hair: with Hibiscus flower, red beetroot, red rose petals, rooibos, nettle leaf, Red wine & red wine vinegar.
      • Herbal Hair vinegar for grey hair: Gives a nice blue shine to grey hair. Made with yarrow flower, lavender flower, sage leaf, Rosemary, nettle leaf, blue Malva and cider vinegar.
      • Herbal Hair vinegar Garden mint blend: with green mint (spearmint, peppermint, Horsetail, Hop & nettle leaf for itchy, oily  & dandruff prone scalp
      • Herbal Rose Hair Vinegar: Ideal for sensitive & itchy skin. Made from scented rose petals, red wine vinegar &  cider vinegar.
      • Herbal Lavender Hair Vinegar: Made with lavender flower and cider vinegar. Aids relaxation, Great for all hair types.
      • Herbal Honey Hair vinegar: for super soft hair & shine with Honey and cider vinegar.

      250 ml HDPE container.


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