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Soothing Bathbombs with Epsom salt | 100 % Natural

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Pampering Bath bombs

Aromatherapy in a Bomb

Promote well- being for body & mind.

Looking for a relaxing, foaming, water softening bathing experience? These bath bombs will not disappoint. Choose from a variety of scents, all made with essential oils and skin loving ingredients.

They create lots of bubbles  & kids love them

Each bath bomb is hand molded 


  • All-natural, safe for kids
  • Super-soft skin with healing Epsom salt
  • Pampering bath moments to de-stress
Epsom salt is a popular remedy for many ailments.
People use it to ease health problems, such as muscle soreness and stress. It Reduced Pain and Swelling. It help to relax and aid muscle pain. They help with swollen feet and are a perfect wound cleaner. Most of the reported benefits of Epsom salt are attributed to its magnesium. 
When Epsom salt is dissolved in water, it releases magnesium.  Adequate magnesium levels are essential for sleep and stress management because magnesium helps your brain produce neurotransmitters that induce sleep and reduce stress.

Epsom salt baths can reduce muscle soreness and relieve cramps
Relaxing lavender (baby blue), Revitalizing lemongrass(yellow), Balancing Rose , Fruity happiness with sweet orange scent (orange) , Warming, uplifting rosemary (violet), Eucalyptus, cleansing, anti sniffs, colds & flu's (green),  Soothing vanilla, etc.

External use:
Pampering Bath bombs. Aromatherapy in a Bomb
with soothing Epsom salts.
Bath bombs spread that lovely scent when they touch the water.

ALL-NATURAL Ingredients

Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) seed Oil, Magnesium sulfate (Epsom Salt), Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric acid, Zea mays, mica, Pure essential oil Citrus sinensis (Sweet Orange)* or as ordered

All-Natural |No Nasties| No Cruelty | Zero Waste

100% natural skin & ecologic BIO product.