Scrub Gel for Face & Body
Scrub Gel for Face & Body

Scrub Gel for Face & Body

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Exfoliating Gel
Face & Body

Scrubs are ideal for exfoliating & deep cleaning of the skin

This natural scrub will leave your skin healthy, smooth and silky.

Seaweed is a natural source of amino acids, vitamins and minerals, with anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties that help to heal the skin. Seaweed is full of humectants that draw in moisture from the environment, and vitamin E, also great for hydrating the skin. Seaweed helps sensitive skin problems – the natural minerals contained in seaweed, which include omega, zinc and magnesium, create a barrier to protect skin from harsh weather (or overly dry environments) while helping to heal skin of any infections.


Ingredients: Aqua, Seaweed mineral, poppy seed (Papaver
somniferum), Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice,
Rosa damascena flower water, Xanthan,
Essential oil Rosa Damascena, Pelargonium
Graveolens, Manuka Honey |120 gr.

120 ml glass containers | zero waste