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Mulled wine spices | Dried medicinal spicy wine for X mas

83 kr

A traditional drink with Christmas

Enjoy the Health benefits of Mulled wine


Aids colds, sniffs and flu's



Full of Vitamin C, so it boosts the immune system

and it's Deliciously and healthy. 

1 spice bags serves 2L red or White* wine.
Use: Red wine of your choosing
Let it get to the boil, add the herbs, put on lowest stand
Strain after 30 min.
Add some honey/sugar to your liking,
Serve and drink warm - Deliciously healthy. 
* Try some Wolf Gardens Apple Pie spices with warmed White Wine
Deliciously healthy. 

Apple pie Herbal Tea: Pai mu tan (white tea), Matricaria chamomilla ( wild Chamomile), Rubus idaeus (raspberry), Cinnamomum verum (Cinnamon), Vanilla planifolia (vanilla), Dried Apple

Mulled wine Ingredients: Healing dried Cinnamon sticks, orange slices and clove buds.

about 60 gr bags 

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