Herbal supplements Health
Herbal supplements Health

Herbal supplements Health

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 Health and Wellness the Natural Way

Many different supplement with various Health benefits available

  • Wise Man supplements for libido & health 
  •  Capsules Libido especially for erectile dysfunction. 
  • Wise woman supplements Hormonal balance

  • Bowel/Colon & Liver Detox supplement

  • Anti-Joint pain supplement

  • Immunity Boost & Healthy Hearth supplement - Anti - Ageing

  • Healthy veins supplement - aids varicose veins, discomfort & cramps

  • Sleep aid & balance supplement - Aids Depression, anxiety, weight loss, headaches and insomnia.

  • Diarrhea & cramps Aid for kids & adults
  • Memory aid; Improve memory and sharpen thinking. Boost memory and cognitive speed. Aids dementia & Alzheimer's prevention with Ginkgo Biloba. There's good evidence that Ginkgo eases leg pain caused by clogged arteries. Ginkgo improves blood flow to the brain. Do not use if you have high blood pressure. They could interact with blood thinners. If you have a bleeding disorder, or are planning surgery, talk to your doctor before using Ginkgo.

Capsules  / 3 to 6 Capsules a day  (100 Capsules) 

Wise Man supplements for libido & health 

Witch contains the most important herbs for men because they nourish the endocrine, nervous, cardiovascular, and immune systems; support healthy libido and fertility; and promote healthy prostate gland function.
Ashwagandha, supporting a positive mood, healthy energy levels, and overall immune function. Maca root supports a healthy libido and promotes healthy energy and stamina. Maca can naturally support male fertility by helping to maintain normal reproductive hormone levels. Nettle root, Saw Palmetto & Pumpkin seed support the prostate & the aid enlarged prostate.

Wise woman supplements

For hormonal balance & Menopause blend with Ancient herbal medicine,  wild Yam root, Maca root & Fenugreek seed. 

Maca root supports a healthy libido and promotes healthy energy and stamina. 
Wild Yam has been used as a hormone regulator and a muscle and nerve relaxant for abdominal or intestinal cramping for centuries, making this a perfect Health supplements for women and those suffering from stomach cramps and hormonal imbalances such as PMS and menopause. Wild Yam helps also to alleviate stress and restlessness. Fenugreek seed are a potent punch for women of all ages. Whether you’re worried about maintaining adequate milk production to nurse your new baby or concerned about hot flashes during menopause, this herb is  a natural solution to your female health concerns. 

Bowel/Colon & Liver Detox supplement

Improve detoxification by encouraging the liver’s production & contain cleansing herbs Aloe vera, fenugreek and juniper berry.

Anti-Joint pain supplement

Relieves Joint  & Muscle pains. Helps with Arthritis, anti-tumor & anti-inflammatory. Helps to dissipate swollen joints, pain and stiffness.  Ingredients: Curcuma longa, Zingiber officinale, Gelatin capsules, Piper nigrum       

Healthy veins supplement- aids varicose veins, discomfort & cramps

Horse chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum) is a traditional remedy for leg vein health. Horse Chestnut is known for its great antioxidant, anti-inflammatory,  astringent, and analgesic properties. It is used to treat varicose veins, rheumatoid arthritis, sprains, muscle tension, pain, ankle swelling, itching, and night time leg cramping. It helps tone the compromised walls of the veins and promote healthy blood circulation throughout the body.

Sleep aid & balance supplement

Aids Depression, anxiety, weight loss, headaches and insomnia. Griffonia simplicifolia contains the chemical 5-HTP. This chemical works in the brain and central nervous system by increasing the production of the chemical serotonin. Serotonin affects  sleep, appetite, pain and mood. Griffonia simplicifolia is used for diseases where serotonin play an important role. These include depression, insomnia and, obesity

Immunity Boost & Healthy Hearth supplement

Sea buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides) is a plant found throughout Europe and Asia. The leaves, flowers, seeds, and fruits are used as medicine. Sea buckthorn contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, and C, as well as  considerable amounts of iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper and zinc. It's been used traditionally to slow down the aging process.

Sea buckthorn oil is a good source of quercetin, an antioxidant that’s directly linked to a lower risk of heart disease. it’s rich in phytosterols, compounds that help block the absorption of cholesterol from your diet, which can help prevent bad cholesterol from creating blockages in your blood vessels and arteries


Digestion Aid for kids & adults

Carob bean powder & fennel seed powder are a  a safe and effective way to treat diarrhea and vomiting especially for young children and adults. Fennel aids wind and bowel cramps. Safe for young kids. 3 capsules a day for kids under 12 spread over the day. 


Bags with Capsules  gelatine BSE free  / 3 to 6 Capsules a day  (100 Capsules)


Vegetarian capsules available as well. (100 capsules)