wolf gardens

Body & face Lotion aloe vera & oatsmilk


 All-natural daycare Body & face lotion

Everyday use for clean, hydrated skin.

A gentle after-sun-lotion

Refreshing skin lotion that perfect for every skin type

From oily to dry, sensitive & itchy skin.


This Natural lotion Encourage skin repair & new skin cell growth. It aids pain and is a perfect  & gentle After-sun-lotion, for painful  or inflamed skin. It is so gentle on the skin that it can be used to treat nappy rash

Wolf gardens aloe vera & oats lotion can safely be used on the skin of babies & an alternative for wet baby wipes (use with toilet paper tissue )

 Made with Aloe vera: kills bacteria, viruses and fungi owing to its naturally-occurring antiseptic qualities. It has been used for minor wounds and burns and skin irritations for centuries. Aloe Vera used to be known as the burn plant (Aids sunburn)
It makes the skin less wrinkled and more elastic.

All-natural plant-based Oatsmilk are full of vitamins & minerals and aid skincare.

They are ideal for dry & sensitive skin. Oats are soothing & softening and aid itchy & irritated skin.

Softening, healing Manuka honey* (or vegan option) and pure healing essential oils or fragrance oil cosmetic grade

Many scents available on order.

Ingredients: Chamomile-, Calendula-, horsetail-tincture, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Xanthan gum, Manuka honey*, Bees propolis*, Avena sativa/Oatsmilk, Essential oils: Citrus Reticulata/mandarin* or as ordered

5/20 - 12/20            |         250 ml (HDPE)
No nasties| No Cruelty| 100% natural

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