Soap Gift Set 2 x

Soap Gift Set 2 x

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All-Natural moisturising soap

Natural soap Bars that are good for your skin & for Nature

Moisturising soap

Wolf Gardens' soap bars boast All-Natural & Herbal ingredients with no chemicals additives, palm oil-free and only plant-based oils.

All-Natural, environmentally-friendly bars.

Soap bars are excellent at getting your skin clean. They lather up well, allowing the soap and water to spread across the skin and attach to the dirt and oil.

All-natural ingredients.

Made with Plant oils only: Extra virgin Olive oil,  Cacao butter, Coconut oil*, Castor oil*, Canola oil,  Shea nut butter*, Sodium hydroxide, Aqua, Natural mica colour mineral, zinc oxide, natural fragrance oil & pure essential oils.

Many scents available like cranberry, vanilla, rose, lavender, peppermint, Honey, patchouli, blueberry, beeswax & rose, tea tree, eucalyptus, apple & cinnamon, coconut, mango or non-scented mineral clay detox soap

There’s a clear Energy winner when it comes to washing —bar soap. Why?

Soap bars are exactly what they sound like—no bottle, all bar!—and can last up to 80 washes, meaning they outlast two to three bottles of your favourite liquid soap.

We use a lot more liquid soap compared to bar soap each time we wash our hands (Koehler and Wildbolz studies)
0.35 grams (g) of bar soap, 0.91 L of water use
2.3 grams (g), 0.64 L of water use

Liquid soap can use up to 20 times more packaging than bar soap and contains significantly more water, making it heavier and less efficient to transport.

      Bar of soap approx. 115 gr. x2 in silk bag

    Zero Waste| No Nasties | No cruelty | 100% nature