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Washgel Hands Aloe Vera & Herbs Gentle washgel

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 Natural wash gel & Foam Gel

Perfect for sensitive and dry skin

All-natural ingredients like soothing Aloe Vera gel

and Herbs like Lavender, Chamomile and  Rose.

With plant derived detergent Betaine,for easily  irritated skin.

Betaine is a natural product derived from the sugar beet. This plant derived ingredient helps

Betaine has many uses and benefits in skin care such as anti-aging, hydration, calming, and soothing the skin. It's ideal for sensitive baby skin & Sensitive skin.

Beyond all of the above betaine skin benefits, it also has a soothing, calming effect on the skin. It’s less irritating than pure water, so it’s often used in skin products to soothe irritated or damaged skin.

External use:
Natural Cleansing washgel
with Aloe Vera & Herbs for Sensitive Hands

 Use: Apply to the hands, wash & rinse with water

Ingredients: Herbal aqua Rose, Lavender, cocamidopropyl betaine, Aloe Barbadensis
Leaf Extract, Xanthan gum, glycerol, Tincture allantoin,
Pure Essential oils: lavendula angustifolia  

250 ml  containers Glass or HDPE foam bottles