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Beard Balm All-Natural


All-Natural Beard Balm

Enjoy this all-natural beard balm for true gentlemen with beards or mustaches.

All-natural. Softens, Non-greasy, Anti-frizz, anti-hair loss & anti-dryness.

Coconut is a natural hair moisturiser and protects the hair from drying out. It also restores lustre & shine to dry or damaged hair. Safflower, Avocado & jojoba oil are non-greasy nourishing oils, that aid dull & dry hair and give hair instant shine. Avocado oil also revives hair damaged by styling or the sun. Argan oil aids frizzy hair. Aloe Vera softens the hair. Extra virgin olive oil is a natural hair tonic oil and aids dry & damaged hair.

Cocos Nucifera Oil/coconut, Olea europaea  Olive oil, Aleurites Moluccana Seed Oil (kukui oil) Simmondsia Chinensis seed oil/jojoba, Argania Spinosa seed oil/Argan, Cannabis Sativa seed oil/Hemp seed, Persea Gratissima Oil/ avocado, Cera Flava/beeswax,essential oils, Boabab oil

60 ml | Zero waste, glass container

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